Form is Function

Stephen Standridge’s CV

Root Cathedral, August 2019

An interactive spatial sound installation. Wondering around the space, viewers could engage with the sound that filled the space through embedded interactive devices. The audience would control the density, location and presence of sounds in the space, collaborating with everyone else in the space.


Gray Area Showcase 2019.1, June 2019

An installation of Crystalline; a procedurally-generated cave the viewer explores with a cube controller as they would explore a space. The installation consists of a VR lighthouse object position tracking system, a controller with light and haptic feedback, projection-mapped visuals, a spatial sound system and a virtual space filled with audio/sound/light aesthethics the viewer can discover. A collaboration with Joan Torres for the audio aesthethic, Derek Leong for the physical implementation, and Brian Smith for the controller mechanical design.


Atlas of Emotions at Google IO, May 2019

A live spatial sound and experimental emotional opera performance featuring audio-reactive visual projection focused on the themes of emotion, unity, oneness and separation; a collaboration with Amanda Gregory as the performer and William Russel as the spatial sound musician for the “After Dark” tent at google io.


Natural Capital Symposium at Stanford, March 2019

A VR installation of Inferno at the natural capital symposium at Stanford where I talked about the drought and wildfire inspiration for the piece and the intangibility of beauty an inspiration of nature as a form of natural capital.


Gray Area Showcase 2018.2, December 2018

An installation of Inferno following the California wildfire season.This show is a joint showing between the first 2018 cohort of gray area incubator artists and creative code immersion students.


Opening Reception at Dreamforce, September 2018

An installation of Depths and version 1 of Inferno, for the opening reception for Dreamforce at Gray Area


gray Area showcase 2018.1, June 2018

A dual installation of Depths and the prototype of Inferno, a 3d visual system controlled by a Tetrahedron controller that allows the viewer to control the livelihood of an evergreen forest from a vibrant growing forest to a blazing inferno. Inspired by the 7-year California drought that resulted in wildfires later in the year.


Six Speed Supernova At Bottom of the Hill, May 2018

A visual set for 3 rock bands at Bottom of the Hill with audio-reactive visuals distinct for each band. Featuring generative ray-traced imagery of stellar and terrestrial landscapes. Controlled by a remote OSC controller, connected to the in-house sound.


Gray Area Incubator Showcase 2017, October 2017

An installation of Depths a 20x20 projection of a visual graphic system controllable by a custom design/printed sphere controller allowing the viewer to explore a surreal space of light and color as they would an object. This show was the conclusion to the 6-month Gray Area 2017 spring cultural incubator featuring 12 artists working in a wide range mediums exploring the borderline between art and technology.


Andrometa at Playalchemist, September 2017

A large-scale live spatial sound and visual projection experimental emotional opera performance. Featuring a visual set of seven acts focusing on increasing complexity displayed through particles and movement through space with venue lighting enhancing the mood of each act. A collaboration with Amanda Gregory as performer, Tom Montagello as the spatial sound artist at a giant pyramid venue at burning man.


Fort of July at the Center SF, July 2017

An installation of Mortality wherein the viewers would lie down on a lightly cushioned environment in a corpse position as a field skulls projected onto the ceiling would transition between a solid, permanent structure and disassociated particles that would weave together with other skulls’ particles. A literal corpse meditation.